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Sygnature Discovery (Case Study)

Founded in 2004, Sygnature Discovery is the UK's largest independent provider of integrated drug discovery. With clients throughout the US and Europe, Sygnature Discovery's team of PhDs provides valuable expertise all the way from initial discovery through pre-clinical development.

Drug Discovery Involves Lots of Data... and People.

Collaboration isn't just a buzzword at Sygnature Discovery. It's an everyday part of their success. The Sygnature team has a constant need for knowledge sharing, both internally and externally with clients. At an operational level, they have a vast repository of research which must be uploaded, shared and commented upon. One of the larger challenges facing Sygnature is working simultaneously on multiple projects with multiple clients. Not surprisingly, simplicity and accessibility were two main asks for their busy and mobile workforce. With daily client interaction, Sygnature also has a strong need for an external collaboration solution that clients can access. This too requires a simple and accessible platform that won't require a great deal of client education. And working within the highly regulated pharma and biotech industries means security is a priority as well.

Enter WorkSmart -- a More Unified Collaboration Platform.

Sygnature Discovery turns to WorkSmart for a complete, secure, cloud-based collaboration solution. WorkSmart helps them to excel primarily in three main areas: 1. Secure file sharing 2. Project management/team collaboration and 3. Collaboration with clients. As Emma Doyley, IT Administrator at Sygnature notes, "WorkSmart is easy and intuitive to use, whilst providing a wide range of functions."

Secure File Sharing – WorkSmart allows Sygnature employees the ability to securely upload and share a large volume of documents. The intuitive interface makes locating and editing the correct documents a snap. Sygnature's mobile workforce is able to access their WorkSpaces from anywhere in the world via a web browser, mobile device or iPad.

Project Management/Team Collaboration – Sygnature's client engagements involve a team of highly skilled researchers that must communicate effectively. WorkSmart's collaboration capabilities allow Sygnature employees to work together digitally via WorkSpaces, providing a simple-to-use forum for the exchange of ideas. WorkSmart also meets Sygnature's needs by providing a full audit trail.

Collaboration with Clients – Sygnature works side-by-side with its biotech and pharma clients. As such, having a secure tool that allows for external collaboration is a must. Sygnature has created a branded portal using WorkSmart for clients to upload, download and actively collaborate with Sygnature researchers. That portal is built directly into the Sygnature homepage. Another major factor in choosing WorkSmart was the ease of deployment and ongoing management. According to Doyley, "From a support point of view, the system is very easy to support and manage." This has freed up Sygnature's IT Department to work on other more time-intensive projects.

Collaborating on a Daily Basis - Drug discovery is a highly collaborative process. WorkSmart empowers Sygnature Discovery to collaborate daily both smarter and faster, internally and externally.

Get more done with WorkSmart.

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