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Partner Program Revenue Sharing

Sales partners generating Worksmart related business for Designlinks International Ltd will benefit from four income streams as follows:

1. 30% commission on new business

Designlinks will pay 30% of all new business for 12 months. New business is defined, for each customer account, as subscription related revenue actually received which exceed the highest level reached by subscription related revenue for the account during the preceding 12 monthly billing cycles. This 30% commission is therefore not only payable on revenue generated by new accounts, but also new sales on existing accounts, for the first 12 months.

2. 10% commission on repeat business

Designlinks will pay, for a period of 36 months after any subscription related revenue ceases to attract the 30% new business commission described above, 10% commission on all subscription revenue actually received.

3. Up to 100% of consultancy revenue:

Designlinks will pay 15% commission on fees paid in connection with one off consultancy or development work carried out at standard rates by Designlinks and arranged by the sales partner.

Fees paid to Designlinks but relating to consultancy or development work carried out in full by the sales partner or his/her sub-contractors will be repaid in full by Designlinks.
Commission on consultancy revenue for activities carried out jointly by Designlinks and the sales partner, or carried out by Designlinks at a discount of at a premium from the standard consultancy rate, will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

4. Bonus scheme:

In addition to commission, fixed one-off incentive bonuses will be payable whenever given revenue thresholds are reached in a calendar year. Bonus schemes will be announced each year. In 2021, a US$ 5,000 bonus will be paid at the end of December to all sales partners who have generated in excess of US$ 100,000 in sales, and a further US$ 5,000 will be paid for each additional tranche of US$ 100,000 in sales revenue.

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