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Sumicsid SPRL (Case Study)

Founded in 1993, Sumicsid is made up of three firms with offices in Sweden, Belgium and Denmark. The employees that make up the company are active in the research, analysis and control of efficiency, regulation and risk. Though originally a consulting firm, Sumicsid now also engages in project management and client training.

Sumicsid -- A Data Driven Organization  

Sumicsid is a company built upon research. As experts in the risk management domain, they have a strong need to organize and share data internally. This critical activity is made even more challenging by the structure of the company, with three separate offices in three countries. The data used by the firm is far from static. Employees must update, comment upon and further iterate to ensure they are thought leaders in the risk management space. Without an online collaboration tool, this would require a large number of emails being sent back and forth. The employees of Sumicsid also need a way to transfer their knowledge and completed projects to clients, also located in multiple locations throughout Europe. This must be done both securely and an intuitive, scalable manner.

Enter WorkSmart - and Increased Efficiency

Sumicsid turns to WorkSmart for both their internal and external collaboration needs. WorkSmart helps them achieve their goals in three main areas:
1. Project Management
2. Collaborating with Clients and
3. Being More Productive.

Project Management – Though originally a consulting firm, Sumicsid now engages quite heavily in the area of Project Management. One of the WorkSmart features used most often at the firm is Project Management apps. These robust, flexible workspaces allow multiple geographically disperse employees work on the same project, at the same time.

Collaborating with Clients – As a company designed to educate and empower clients, knowledge transfer is very important at Sumicsid. WorkSmart gives Sumicsid an easy-to-use, safe platform for employees to interact with clients. Since WorkSmart is highly customizable, no two client WorkSpaces are the same.

Being More Productive – Time is a precious commodity at Sumicsid. WorkSmart enables employees to communicate both internally and externally, in real-time. Furthermore, bringing new employees up-to-speed on WorkSmart's features and functionality is very easy. And clients appreciate the intuitive interface, which makes utilizing Sumicsid's WorkSpaces a snap. Sumicsid chose WorkSmart after a thorough evaluation of online collaboration solutions. They haven't been disappointed. Dr. Per Agrell, Senior Associate, reports, "WorkSmart offers an effective and flexible platform at great value." Geographically Disperse, But Working Together Risk management consulting is a data-intensive business, made all the more challenging by Sumicsid's geographic disperse nature. WorkSmart helps this innovator overcome those obstacles and promotes effective, efficient online collaboration.

Get more done with WorkSmart.

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