Improve operational efficiencies by collaborating across the value chain. provides manufacturing organizations with a secure Web-based collaboration solution for efficiently executing business-critical processes, such as product design and development, supply chain planning, contract negotiations, managing customer accounts, and rolling out new products.

Whatever the size of your operation, gives geographically dispersed designers, engineers, operations managers, procurement agents and suppliers secure access to manufacturing projects, processes and information via the Internet. With just a login name and password, authorized users can access a comprehensive set of integrated services including virtual team collaboration, document management, task management, group scheduling, discussion forums, Web databases and more!
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Application Scenarios
  • Design Collaboration
  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Relationship Management
  • Product Rollout

Key Features:

  • Set-up virtual collaboration sites to centrally manage projects, programs & relationships with all members of your value chain.
  • Manage complex contract negotiations and provide a central environment for the creation, distribution and submission of specifications and RFPs across a large community of competing vendors.
  • Create a collaborative hub for your supply chain and bring together key personnel for supply planning and to avoid costly inventory stock-outs and overstock situations.
  • Use for supporting product rollout strategies including collaborating with marketing teams, product pricing, promotion, sales training and distribution.
  • Store and manage all types of documents including specifications, CAD files, patents, strategic plans, contracts, supplier scorecards and repair procedures for easy access and reference across the value chain.
  • Guarantee the security of your system with multiple access permissions and share information only with authorized users.
  • Track and manage multiple versions of files and shorten review and approval cycles prior to releasing critical documents to third parties.
  • Assign tasks, track milestones and coordinate calendar schedules with designers, engineers, production managers and suppliers.
  • Post important announcements, setup discussion forums and keep everyone informed on the latest developments.
  • Capture and store operational knowledge and make your organization more “intelligent” by delivering knowledge and best practices to the entire enterprise on demand.