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Death of a Lone Wolf Salesman

There was a time when sales was pretty simple.

You read How to Win Friends & Influence People, you made sure to always give a firm handshake, and you spent the rest of your time practicing your golf game. If you've seen Mad Men, you know the top salesman was always a lone wolf, fuelled mainly by the gift of gab and a midday drink. But I'm not so sure Don Draper would thrive in today's environment.

Thanks to the Internet, the buying process has rapidly changed. Buyers are armed with more information than ever. They're able to look at multiple data points when making an informed decision. They're able to test a solution out before making a commitment.

Collaboration in an Interconnected World
As such, the lone wolf salesperson is becoming extinct. Today's sales professional needs to be completely informed on every aspect of her company, from the product roadmap to the white papers the company is churning out to the latest security info. There's nothing worse than a buyer being more informed than the salesperson. But we still live in a world where face-to-face contact is valuable. Outside salespeople still have a purpose. It is imperative though that sales managers and marketing folks keep these salespeople informed and connected. They need to be educated through knowledge transfer. And that knowledge needs to be easily accessed and searched.

WorkSmart Makes Collaboration Simple
Enter WorkSmart. We provide a flexible online collaboration solution that allows employees to work together meaningfully. Want to build an intranet portal? Simple. Want to build a knowledge base? Simple. Want to build your own customized CRM system? A little harder, but still relatively simple. WorkSmart fosters collaboration whether your employees are all in the same office or spread throughout the globe. And WorkSmart is completely in the cloud and mobile accessible (the Gartner #2 & #3 ranked priorities for technology CIOs in 2016). Sales will always be an important part of any company, but it's a department in flux. WorkSmart helps companies adjust to the changing times and empowers the modern salesperson.

Get more done with WorkSmart.

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