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Online Databases
Join the growing number of organisations using WorkSmart all over the world

One Central Location – Anytime, from Anywhere

As a cloud solution, you and all your people are working in a secure, focused environment in one central location – from anywhere, on any device.

You don’t have any more hassle with VPN access, firewall configuration and no need for creating any additional profiles.

Organise Everything – Agile, Secure Sites

Easily setup sites for your Projects, client engagements, processes, Departments or any specific initiative. Sites are fully customisable and you can set-up user permissions for each site deciding – who can see what.

Truly Collaborative, Mobile and Social

Create Anything – Files, folders, Databases, Tasks, Wiki pages, Issues and much more – Get your work done fast and easy with WorkSmart Apps.

With WorkSmart, you have all the social features including comments, vote, like and more… at your disposal. You can even post a comment via email to a specific document or a record.

Transparent and Accountable

Full version control facility with review and approval processes, enable you to efficiently manage all your content. With audit trail, you have a detailed log of who has accessed or changed data – and when.

Your Portal... Anywhere
Get an easy access to all your Content on the go Files, Tasks, Messages, and more...
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