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- Drive more value & transform successfully with WorkSmart solutions

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Cloud Content Management
Securely manage, share, and work on your content from anywhere.
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Collaborative Work Management
Work better together with your colleagues, customers, and partners.
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Modern Digital Workflows
Create, Automate and Transform Your Business Processes.
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Trust @ WorkSmart. Secure, Scalable and Reliable

  WorkSmart adheres to a comprehensive security and regulatory compliance program that meets globally recognised standards.

The Competitive Edge

Unified Cloud Platform. no more multi-tool chaos

WorkSmart's unified framework of Content management, Collaborative Work management and Digital Process automation coupled with Business intelligence - Reports and Analytics services, drive digital transformation for your entire organisation.
Value Proposition
Happy Users
Designed for People
Set-up in Minutes, not weeks. You will be surprised – how fast your users become pro and adopt WorkSmart in daily usage.
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Up to 10 Times Cheaper...
WorkSmart pricing plans are based on Usage NOT per User. With WorkSmart, you get Unlimited Users Free for Ever.