User Guides

Choice – Drop Down, Radio Button, and Check Box

Allow users to select between a number of predetermined options. Drop Down and Radio Button types allow a user to select a single option. The Check Box type allows multiple options to be selected at once.

Additional options for Choice fields:

  • Required: Enable checkbox if field cannot be left empty.
  • To add options:
    1. Click “New Option” button
    2. Type option value in the text box above “New Option” button
    3. Option for Drop down and Radio button can have a colour code associated with it. Click colour square before option text box to change the colour. Select colour from colour selector.
    4. Repeat step 1 to 3 to add multiple options.
  • To remove options:
    1. Click delete icon located next to option text box
    2. Click “Confirm” button in the confirmation box to remove the option
  • To sort options:
    1. Click “Sort Options” button
    2. Hold and drag the gripper icon  to rearrange the options
    3. Click “Done” button

    Note: Sorting is only allowed once the options are saved