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Custom Build Apps

Custom Apps allows you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications tailored to your unique business processes and information sharing needs.

Creating a New Database App

  1. Select a Site
  2. Click on "Install Apps" button (as shown below).
    Custom Build Apps - Install Step 1

  3. Click "Custom Database App" from available apps
    Custom Build Apps - Install Step 2

  4. Enter name and description for your custom application.
    Custom Build Apps - Name Description

  5. Click Submit button

When creating a database at a sub-level, members that have access to the parent level are automatically selected together with their respective access level permissions i.e. if no special permissions are required, the new database will automatically default to parent level permissions. Changing permissions can only act to restrict that database to a sub-set of users with access to the parent level.
[insert_php] echo custom_database_side_menu("custom-database-app"); [/insert_php]