User Guides

Importing Contacts

The Import function allows users to import contacts from external address book applications and email clients. Contact records from such applications need to be exported into a Excel format (XLS, XLSX) before they can be imported.

In Excel file each row will represent one contact. The order of the columns is unimportant so long as they correspond to the right information in the file.

  1. Goto “Address Book” by clicking “Address Book” on top menu or by clicking “Address Book” top right “Admin” menu
  2. Click “Import Contacts” button located on top right corner of page
  3. Click “Select File” button
  4. Select XLS or XLSX file from your computer
  5. Click “Start Upload” button
  6. Select address book field from dropdown list to assign a column to a field
  7. Click “Import Contacts” button to import to contacts