Your Choice - SharePoint vs WorkSmart

Secure, Easy Working with Your Customers, Partners and Suppliers

Your extranet in the cloud, suppliers, consultants, employees, customers, partners

WorkSmart provides you, a secure online workspace - enabling you to efficiently organize yourself and work with your colleagues, customers and partners from one central location - anytime, from anywhere, on any device!

WorkSmart is similar to SharePoint. But without usability pain and premium pricing plans. It's totally secure, cloud-based platform and you can start using it in minutes...

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Your Choice - SharePoint vs WorkSmart
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Key Advantages of WorkSmart over SharePoint

SharePoint is Far Too Expensive

Getting SharePoint running, on-premise or in the cloud, it comes with an outrageous price tag. As a hosted cloud solution, you will pay a price starting at $5 - $25USD/User for a fully functional SharePoint package.

For on-premise SharePoint installation, license fees are just a start. Then you have to count the cost for hardware, other software licenses, and people to make it all work - plus internal staff to manage and maintain your SharePoint installation.

WorkSmart is All-in-One

As a Cloud solution, you only pay one fix cost every month. Our pricing structure is based on per Site license and you get unlimited users Free for ever. We feel per user license cost is a premium. There is no maintenance or upgrade charges ever and You are Always on the Latest Version.

$5 to $25
per User per Month
per Site per Month
Unlimited Users

SharePoint Suffers from Low Adoption Rates

SharePoint is a multipurpose technology platform. Due to its generic nature and multipurpose feature set, users find it difficult to adopt SharePoint in daily usage. It takes weeks if not months to deploy SharePoint and get the users on board.

WorkSmart is designed for People

You can set-up your WorkSmart portal in Minutes. With WorkSmart, you have simple and easy-to-use tools, so you can invite your people with just few clicks and get up to the speed in no time. You will be surprised at how fast they become pro users and adopt WorkSmart in daily usage.

One Central Location - Anytime, from Anywhere

As a cloud solution, you and all your people are working in a secure, focused environment in one central location - from anywhere, on any device.

You don't have any more hassle with VPN access, firewall configuration and no need for creating any additional profiles.

Organise Everything - Agile, Secure Sites

Easily setup sites for your Projects, client engagements, processes, Departments or any specific initiative. Sites are fully customizable and you can set-up user permissions for each site deciding - who can see what.

Truly Collaborative, Mobile and Social

Create Anything - Files, folders, Databases, Tasks, Wiki pages, Issues and much more - Get your work done fast and easy with WorkSmart Apps.

With WorkSmart, you have all the social features including comments, vote, like and more... at your disposal. You can even post a comment via email to a specific document or a record.

Transparent and Accountable

Full version control facility with review and approval processes, enable you to efficiently manage all your content. With audit trail, you have a detailed log of who has accessed or changed data - and when.

Fast, Secure and Reliable

WorkSmart provides you 99.99% Uptime Guarantee. Your data is securely hosted at data centres compliant with globally recognised standards.

  • SSL Data Encryptions
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • AICPA Type 2 Compliant
  • Safe Harbor. U.S. EU. - Compliant
  • Cloud Security Alliance - STAR Registrant
Uptime Guarantee
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