Service & Support

Provide 24 hour access to self-service information and support sites

Service & Support

With, organizations can save on service costs by providing customers, employees and channel partners with 24 hour access to password protected, self-service support sites where they can find answers to questions, access product and services information, submit support requests, or communicate via discussion forums - from anywhere, at anytime.

Allowing constituents to access online support via a web-browser without the intervention of service or support staff means faster response times, speedier resolution and less downtime; resulting in improved overall satisfaction and closer alignment with your business community. This also reduces the number of incoming calls that require human intervention, so your support personnel can concentrate on solving more complex issues.

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Key Features

  • Self-Service
  • Support Requests
  • Discussion Forums
  • Online Repository
  • Customer/Partner Sites
  • Knowledge Transfer
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WorkSmart - Key Features


Provide 24-7 access to a centralized knowledge base of topics and solutions, giving customers and employees immediate, self-directed resolution to their issues, while reducing the workload on your support representatives.

Support Requests

Setup an online support request system where issues, questions and comments can be submitted and tracked 24 hours a day. Requests can be automatically routed to the appropriate department, region or specialist.

Discussion Forums

Setup moderated discussion forums based around product lines, service areas or departments allowing authorized members to communicate with each other about key issues, post suggestions and exchange ideas.

Online Repository

Give your customers, partners and employees convenient access to products and services information including brochures, case studies, user guides, self-paced tutorials and product updates - easily accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

Customer/Partner Sites

Provide key customers and partners a private site for posting detailed account information, sales records, RFP's, service history and warranty information.

Knowledge Transfer

Capture and preserve all content and context surrounding a case or issue for ongoing access, re-use, and as a historical record.

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