Project Management

Efficiently plan, manage and monitor your projects

Project Management

WorkSmart provides organizations with secure, web-based workspaces that can easily be customized for specific projects or business initiatives. Enabling distributed team members to work more efficiently by incorporating the key constituents of project management - team collaboration, task scheduling, content management and dashboard analytics.

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Easily Set up Your Project Management Sites

WorkSmart allows users to quickly set up multiple sites to aggregate content for each respective project.

  • Online Workspaces
    Setup multiple collaboration sites for your projects and programs, where individuals, workgroups and teams can work efficiently in a secure and focused environment from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Content Repository
    Aggregate project content and information including MS Office files, CAD drawings, deliverables, reports, specifications, meeting minutes, scanned images and more.

Flexibly Manage Each Project Based on Specific Needs

WorkSmart allows you to flexibly administer each project site. You can decide who has access to what projects and what the workflow will be. End users can be assigned specific tasks and goals.

  • Access Permissions, Version Controls & Check In/Out
    Make use of extensive features including: multiple access permissions, version control, check-in/out capabilities and document routing for review and approval processes.
  • Tasks, Issues & Events Management
    Build and manage project schedules online within WorkSmart - assign, share and track tasks, issues, events and milestones; eliminating the need for specialized tools and training.

Robust Features for Advanced Users

WorkSmart enables more sophisticated users to create things like Gantt charts, sync with Microsoft Project and generate expense reports all within a project site.

  • Interactive Gantt Charts
    Visualize project schedules via interactive Gantt charts and table views.
  • Microsoft Project® Integration
    Synchronize WorkSmart with Microsoft Project for streamlined productivity.
  • Time/Expense Tracking
    Easily report time/expenses while giving executives and managers a streamlined way to track, approve and analyze project expenditure.
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