Online Collaboration

Connect, Share and Work Better Together

Online Collaboration is a collaborative, content management platform. The cloud-based platform brings together the people, content and processes - encouraging greater collaboration, streamlined processes and enables more informed decisions. makes it easier for you to share, manage and work on content with your colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers - whether you are in the same office or across the globe.

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Online Collaboration
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WorkSmart - Key Features

Secure, Collaborative Sites - Work in One Place

Set-up sites for your team, project, process, client or department with its own permissions controls. Sites are fully customizable and provide your users truly collaborative, focused environment - making them more productive.

Share, Manage and Work on Your Files in one place

Store, manage and share all your office documents, images, PDFs and more in one place. You have a full version history and audit trail so that all your file versions are retained, and you have a detailed log of who has accessed or changed data - and when.

Make Fast, Informed Decisions and record forever

In WorkSmart, all your content and conversations live together in a single, beautifully presented view - improving productivity and fast decision making. You have all the social features including comments, vote, like and more... at your disposal. You can even post a comment via email to a specific document or a record.

Assign Tasks and Share Calendars

WorkSmart enable you to efficiently assign, track and manage your tasks to keep work moving forward. Easily manage holiday requests, schedule project meetings and plan events with group calendars.

Capture, Manage and Share Your Knowledge

Capture and preserve all content and context surrounding a case or issue for ongoing access, re-use, and as a historical record. Easily develop how-to guides from known issues and provide it to users to help themselves.

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