Human Resources

Efficiently manage employee information and automate your HR processes

Human Resources helps organizations create a centralized and secure human resources intranet for managing confidential employee information and automating HR processes.

With WorkSmart's integrated self-service environment you can increase workforce productivity, enhance job satisfaction and cut service costs by providing a one-stop access point for employees to manage their own HR information including benefits, expenses, vacation approvals and more.

Your human resources department can effectively manage recruitment processes, securely access employee data, and keep everyone informed about company policies. Authorized users can post important announcements and updates are fast, easy and straightforward to manage as all the information is online.

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Key Features

  • HR Information
  • Employee Data
  • Policy Management
  • Recruitment
  • Vacation Approval
  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Enhanced Communication
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WorkSmart - Key Features

HR Information

Provide up-to-date HR information to your employees and human resources professionals such as HR forms and guides, job descriptions, benefit/bonus info and career development information.

Employee Data

Securely store and manage employee data including employment contracts, payroll information, pension plans and health insurance registration, adhering to legal requirements and sharing information only with authorized users.

Policy Management

Keep everyone informed about company policies, maintain a record of employee agreements and track policy violations and disciplinary actions. Use these records to analyze trends in policy infringement.


Easily manage your recruitment process by consolidating information about job openings, applications, candidates and hiring goals. Monitor the candidate pipeline to identify who's moving forward and when positions are likely to be filled.

Vacation Approval

Centralize the management of vacation requests and approvals allowing employees to easily submit and track progress of requests online, while giving managers the ability to foresee and minimize disruptions in productivity.

Time & Expense Tracking

Quickly setup up time and expense applications enabling employees to easily submit time sheets and expense reports while giving executives and managers a streamlined way to track, approve and analyze company expenditure.

Enhanced Communication

Post important announcements and details of company events, publish job openings and setup discussion forums for employees to submit feedback and ideas.

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