CRM - Made Easy

Integrate and manage your marketing and sales processes online

CRM - Made Easy provides an integrated solution for managing your sales and marketing processes online - from campaign management, brand development and collateral production, through to sales automation and channel management.

Empower your sales and marketing team by giving them anytime, anywhere access to all the resources and tools they need to get their jobs done. Field personnel can easily access the latest collateral and report on sales efforts. Marketers can effectively plan campaigns via collaborative workspaces, and creative teams can access graphics and brand assets from secure content repositories. Using WorkSmart's powerful database applications, managers and executives can monitor campaigns, analyze sales pipelines and generate revenue forecasts.

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Key Features

  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Channel Management
  • Analytics & Forecasting
  • Online Repository
  • Collateral Production
  • Enhanced Communication
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WorkSmart - Key Features

Sales Management

Efficiently manage your entire selling process online - from lead capture, qualification and opportunity tracking through to deal conversion, account management and sales history.

Marketing Automation

Effectively track and manage your multichannel marketing campaigns and provide marketers the tools to report on marketing efforts, evaluate results and adjust campaigns for maximum results.

Channel Management

Extend the latest marketing campaign and product information to channel partners and provide limited access to customer and sales data while maintaining overall control of the selling process.

Analytics & Forecasting

Understand sales trends and improve sales processes by allowing sales managers and executives to analyze sales pipelines, perform win-loss analyzes and generate accurate revenue forecasts in real time.

Online Repository

Setup an online repository of the latest brochures, case studies, catalogs, price lists, presentations, forms and proposal templates - easily accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

Collateral Production

Effectively collaborate with external agencies and accelerate collateral production in multiple language formats by setting up dedicated project spaces with built-in review and approval processing.

Enhanced Communication

Setup discussion forums for exchanging ideas and to drive consensus on sales initiatives. Post details of sales meetings, product launches & tradeshows and keep your team fired up by announcing the latest big sales.

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