Customization & Training

Analyze, Design, Implement and Train users provides several training options to cover the varied needs of our customers. Users and administrators can select free training courses that are delivered via the Web and led by an instructor. Organizations looking for more tailored training can select our custom training sessions that are specifically designed for their own unique implementation and business processes.


Live Online Sessions also offers free online, instructor-led classes on a variety of topics including product overview, setting up sites for your projects and processes, managing documents, tasks and group schedules, contact management, system administration, customization and more. Students attend these online events via Web and telephone conference.

Custom Online Sessions

A expert will instruct your users and administrators in online classes and Q&A sessions for maximum user benefit and interaction. Our training experts will work closely with you to design a learning program that incorporates your organization's unique processes, terms, industry, etc.

Implementation Services

As there is no hardware or software to install, customers can avoid lengthy technology implementations and focus instead on customizing the service to support their unique business processes.

A typical implementation process includes:

Business Process Review

Review and analyze current business processes.

Customization of

Quickly and easily customize to match existing or newly defined business processes.

Data Migration

Import existing data into the system.

Training Sessions's intuitive Web interface makes it very easy to use, so only minimal user training is required. also offers free online training for any user who wishes it. Training Sessions are delivered via Web and telephone conference, so users can participate right from their offices.


We offer free, ongoing Customer Support to assist customers with system set up, administrator functions, and general user questions.