Online Document Management

Securely manage and share your files

Online Document Management

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Extra Easy Collaboration

Easily share, manage and work on content with your colleagues, customers and partners in one central place, on any device, anywhere.

In WorkSmart, all your content and conversations live together in a single, beautifully presented view – improving productivity and fast decision making.

Share Safe - Granular Access Rights

Organize folders, subfolders and files to suit the way you work and guarantee the security of your content with multiple access permissions at the site, folder and file level.

Workflow Rules

Route critical business documents to authorized users for review and approval, via fully configurable rules that will govern the routing process.

Powerful Search

Advanced search capabilities make it easy to find specific folders and files by meta data, name, file type, date and author.

Transparent and Accountable

No more version conflicts - everyone is on the latest version. With full version history and audit trail, you can check who has accessed or changed data - and when.

With file locking, maintain the integrity of each document by ensuring that only one person can modify it at any time.

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