Online Document Management

Securely manage and share your files

Online Document Management provides a complete content management solution enabling you to manage and share all types of documents and files - from Word documents, Excel sheets and engineering drawings to multimedia files in a secure and robust web-based repository.

Your colleagues, customers and partners can now have business-critical information at their fingertips from anywhere in the world - using just a standard Web browser.

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Application Scenarios

  • Powerful Security
  • Version Control
  • Request Approvals
  • Document Routing
  • Automatic Notification
  • Notes and Comments
  • Smart Usability Features
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WorkSmart - Key Features

Powerful Security

Organize folders, subfolders and files to suit the way you work and guarantee the security of your content with multiple access permissions at the site, folder and file level.

Version Control

Track and manage multiple versions of documents so users work with only the most current and accurate content.

Check-In/Check-Out Capabilities

Maintain the integrity of each document by ensuring that only one person can modify it at any time.

Document Routing

Route critical business documents to authorized users for review and approval, via fully configurable rules that will govern the routing process.

Automatic Notification

Automatically notify users from within the system, via email or both, whenever any action is taken e.g. When a new folder is created, document deleted or a new version of a document has been checked in.

Notes and Comments

Allow authorized users to add notes or comments to documents, e.g. Required actions or comments related to a review.

Smart Usability Features

Multiple uploads & downloads, copy, move, shortcuts, and folder/file sequencing make it easier than ever for users to organize and share content.

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