Law Firms

Deliver matter centric collaboration and leverage organizational knowledge. provides legal services firms with a Web-based solution for delivering matter centric collaboration, sharing information and best practices within and across their organizations, and building stronger, more profitable relationships with clients.

Geographically dispersed legal teams, experts, advisors and clients can securely collaborate on their deals, cases and other matters directly via the Internet. With just a login name and password, authorized users can access a comprehensive set of integrated services including virtual team collaboration, document management, task management, group scheduling, discussion forums, Web databases and more!
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Application Scenarios
  • Deal Management
  • Case Management
  • Client Engagement
  • Proposal Development
  • Virtual Practice Areas
  • Knowledge Management

Key Features:

  • Set-up dedicated deal and case rooms for streamlining and managing all types of matters including mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing and commercial property deals, through to litigation and dispute resolution cases.
  • Consolidate critical information related to each matter including case files, correspondence, scanned images, transcripts, attorneys notes, reports and billing information in a secure, scalable Web repository.
  • Build virtual practice areas where your attorneys can securely access organizational knowledge and best practices and discuss issues affecting their practice.
  • Allow clients to actively participate in their matters and facilitate better, faster and more accurate client service – while building client loyalty.
  • Guarantee the security of your system with multiple access permissions and share information only with authorized users.
  • Track and manage multiple versions of files and shorten review and approval cycles prior to releasing critical documents to third parties.
  • Assign tasks, track milestones and coordinate calendar schedules with attorneys, paralegals, secretaries and clients.
  • Post important announcements, setup discussion forums and keep everyone informed on the latest developments.
  • Capture and preserve all content and context surrounding a matter for ongoing access, re-use, and as a historical record.