WorkSmart - Professional Services

Work more productively with clients and across globally dispersed project teams.

WorkSmart - Professional Services provides accountants, IT consultants, marketing and PR firms, management consultants and other professional services firms with a secure Web-based collaboration solution for streamlining and managing their client projects, programs and business processes.

Regardless of geographic location - consultants, contractors, project managers and clients can easily access all of the information, processes and deliverables surrounding a client engagement. With just a login name and password, authorized users can leverage a comprehensive set of integrated services including virtual team collaboration, document management, task management, group scheduling, discussion forums, Web databases and more!

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Application Scenarios

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Proposal Development
  • Client Engagement
  • Knowledge Management
  • Crisis Management
  • IT Rollouts
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Key Features

  • Setup multiple virtual collaboration sites for your consulting projects, client account management and for developing new business proposals.
  • Store and manage all types of documents in secure, scalable Web repositories including Microsoft Office files, reports, consultants notes, meeting minutes, scanned images, billing information and more.
  • Build virtual practice areas where your consultants can securely access organizational knowledge & best practices and discuss issues affecting their practice.
  • Allow clients to actively participate in their projects and facilitate better, faster and more accurate client service - while building client loyalty.
  • Guarantee the security of your system with multiple access permissions and share information only with authorized users.
  • Track and manage multiple versions of files and shorten review and approval cycles for critical business documents.
  • Assign tasks, track milestones and coordinate calendar schedules with consultants, project managers, secretaries and clients.
  • Post important announcements, setup discussion forums and keep everyone informed on the latest developments.
  • Capture and preserve all content and context surrounding a client engagement for ongoing access, re-use, and as a historical record.

Service Segments

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Tax & Audit
  • Marketing & PR
  • IT Consultancy
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Research Consultancy
  • Education & Training
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