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Online Databases
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Quick and Easy - Build Your Own Apps

It’s easy to build your own applications with WorkSmart. With do-it-yourself, no-code model - WorkSmart enables business and process owners, to build solutions themselves, dramatically reducing development time and liberating IT Resources.

You can even use our ready-made solution templates to get started quickly and customise them further to suit your individual requirements.

Quick and Easy - Build Your Own Apps

Say goodbye to your clunky spread sheets and inhouse database apps

With WorkSmart, you can easily import data from your Excel spreadsheet files and start using your online database app in minutes. You and your people can manage, share and work on data together from one central location.

Convert Your Excel files to Online Database Apps

Dynamic Forms. Efficiently collect error-free, consistent data

Easily build custom, personalized forms for each process need with just a drag-and-drop facility.

Dynamic forms allow you to add real-time data validation, conditional rules to show and hide fields for specific users, and more... - So you can collect error-free, consistent data efficiently, while delivering a great user experience.

Quick and Easy - Build Your Own Apps

Automate Everyday Workflows. Drive Productivity & Operational Efficiencies

A few clicks to freedom. Automate time-consuming, manual tasks into real-time, repeatable workflows.

Easily build, track and manage workflows in real-time. Automatically route content like Holiday request, Purchase request, Budget approval and more... to the right people (within or beyond your organization) for review and approval to get work done faster.

Convert Your Excel files to Online Database Apps

Dynamic Processes. Setup Automation Rules

From complaints Management, Dispute Resolution, and Claims Processing to Quality Management, - easily setup rules with few clicks, to automatically add, update, delete data and more... in response to changes or based on a schedule.

Once set up, there’s no need to worry – your automated workflows will run as an auto pilot mode and your people can focus on what they do best.

Quick and Easy - Build Your Own Apps

Knowledge management. Easily Capture, Manage and Share Knowledge

Capture and preserve all content and context surrounding a case or issue for ongoing access, re-use, and as a historical record.

Easily develop how-to guides from known issues and provide it to users to help themselves.

Convert Your Excel files to Online Database Apps

Visualize Your Data - Custom Views and Dashboards

Visualize Your Data - Custom Views and Dashboards
Create multiple views and dashboards, helping your users to better analyze data and make informed decisions. With each view, you can sort and group data by any field type e.g. by person, date or region and, even display a sub-set of items by using filters.
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