Cloud Software Deployments in Pharma Accelerates

Companies in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries are not usually known as early technology adopters. Fiercely private and risk-averse, firms in these two spaces tend to wait until vendors have matured before engaging with them. Adoption of cloud computing services in the industry has definitely accelerated in the last couple years though. Why Pharma … Continue reading Cloud Software Deployments in Pharma Accelerates

Sygnature Discovery (Case Study)

Founded in 2004, Sygnature Discovery is the UK’s largest independent provider of integrated drug discovery. With clients throughout the US and Europe, Sygnature Discovery’s team of PhDs provides valuable expertise all the way from initial discovery through pre-clinical development. Drug Discovery Involves Lots of Data… and People Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword at Sygnature Discovery. … Continue reading Sygnature Discovery (Case Study)

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